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Step into the spotlight and experience the thrill of a ballroom dancer’s version of “Dancing With the Stars” at our showcases! Whether you’re shy or love to show off, this is your chance to shine as you perform a meticulously choreographed routine in front of your adoring family and friends. It’s an opportunity to push yourself with a challenging yet entertaining routine that not only solidifies your training but also elevates your dance skills to new heights. Embrace your inner star and let your talent take center stage!

Each showcase is a dynamic mix of Pro/Am couples, Amateur couples, Formations, and Professional routines, ensuring a diverse and captivating lineup. With levels ranging from Newcomers to advanced, dancers of all ages can participate and showcase their talents. Whether you prefer to dazzle with your flair or conquer your shyness, there’s a place for everyone to shine at our showcases. Join us and let your star power illuminate the dance floor!

50% off

Special Offer for New Students

Four lessons of 30 minutes each for $140.  This is for new students ONLY!

We love our students, but we will never get that new Mercedes if everyone got half price…