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Create a magical and unforgettable moment with your first dance as a married couple! Let your wedding dance be a cherished memory captured forever on video and cellphones. With Judy Davy’s expert guidance, you can feel natural and confident on the dance floor much faster than you think!

Whether you envision a unique and memorable bridal dance to the music of your choice or simply want to learn graceful moves together to avoid being the “sway couple,” Judy offers personalized lessons tailored to your preferences. Choose to learn a choreographed routine to your specific song or opt for simple, elegant moves that will dazzle your guests.

Can’t decide on the perfect song? No problem! Bring along a few options, and Judy will help you select the one that feels most comfortable and personal to you. She also takes into account essential factors such as attire, floor size, and any props you may want to incorporate, ensuring that every detail of your dance is thoughtfully considered.

Judy’s goal is to create a truly magical and unforgettable wedding dance experience that reflects your individual style and makes your special day even more extraordinary.

And it’s not just about the couple! Judy also offers lessons for the mother-son and father-daughter dances, ensuring that these cherished moments are just as memorable. Some couples even opt to teach the wedding party to dance, creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere that gets the party started with confidence and flair!

Let Judy Davy help you make your first dance as a married couple a moment to remember forever. Start your journey to the dance floor today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Special Offer for New Students

Four lessons of 30 minutes each for $140.  This is for new students ONLY!

We love our students, but we will never get that new Mercedes if everyone got half price…