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What makes Judy Davy a great choice to be your dance instructor!

,,,Judy Davy, the proud owner of Starlight Dance Club since 1991, brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a ballroom dance instructor. With her unique blend of skill, warmth, and dedication, she effortlessly transforms the learning process into a fun and enjoyable experience for her students. Under Judy’s guidance, students not only learn the art of ballroom dancing but also gain a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Judy’s teaching style is characterized by her extensive knowledge, infinite patience, and a genuinely pleasant demeanor. Her positive attitude and supportive approach create an environment where students feel encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their goals.

Beyond her role as an instructor, Judy is a seasoned professional dancer with a remarkable track record in competitive dancing. Her accolades include numerous awards earned through years of professional competition. Additionally, Judy has played a pivotal role in organizing a regional ballroom competition for over a decade, showcasing her leadership and organizational skills within the dance community.


Judy’s expertise extends beyond the dance floor as well. She serves as a scrutineer in both Comp Manager and Premier, ensuring the smooth running of competitions, and also acts as an adjudicator for regional and national ballroom competitions. Her multifaceted experience and dedication to the art of dance make her a respected figure within the industry.

Throughout her illustrious career, Judy has had the privilege of training under the guidance of renowned professionals such as Vernon Brock, Linda Joy, Richard Sullivan, Rufus Dustin, and Jack Davy. Their influence has shaped her teaching philosophy and contributed to her comprehensive understanding of dance technique and performance.

In summary, Judy Davy’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her passion for teaching and extensive experience in the world of ballroom dance, make her a highly respected and sought-after instructor. Her dedication to her students’ success and her unwavering enthusiasm for the art of dance continue to inspire and uplift all who have the privilege of learning from her.

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